Lawn Care

We offer an extensive list of a lawn care and maintenance services that will keep your lawn looking its best. From preventative measures to regular clean-up, Wapsie Pines can manage your entire outdoor space. Every bid is tailored specifically to your project. We work with each client to customize everything specific to their needs and nothing is ever cookie-cutter. Contact our office at 319-277-9400 to request a bid for lawn care services for your home.

Read about a few of our lawn care services below:

Maintenance and Clean-up

Achieve that perfectly manicured look without having to spend hours mowing, trimming and cleaning up afterwards. Wapsie Pines Lawn Care and Landscaping professional lawn care team will handle mowing the lawn, trimming the sidewalks and edges and even blowing grass clippings off the sidewalk, driveways and patios.

Spring Lawn De-thatch

Has your lawn suffered after a long Iowa winter? Each year when the snow melts and the green grass begins to poke through, many homeowners notice their lawns looking less like the perfectly manicured carpet from last fall and more like a jungle of decay and sparse grass.Thatch is the name given to a thin layer of tissue between your grass and the soil. While a little thatch is necessary for proper growth, too much can cause disease and insects that ruin your lawn. Our Spring De-Thatching service includes mowing and vacuuming the lawn before hauling away debris. This service is intended for main lawn areas only and does not include landscaping areas. Priced per man-hour.

Spring and Fall Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is an important step in improving the look and quality of your lawn. This is the process of creating small, strategic holes in your grass to introduce more oxygen, organic fertilizers and water to your lawn’s root system. This is an important step each Fall and Spring to first prepare your lawn for the long winter and then to make it healthy again after being buried under snow for several months. It is also an essential step to rehabilitating hard compact soils.

Shrub Pruning

Pruning your shrubs is much more than simple “trimming” them. This practice can alter the look and health of your shrubs and can even prevent poor formation and growth. Let our professionals determine how to best prune your shrubbery for health and longevity. This service also provides removing and disposal of all trimmings. Priced per man-hour.

Fall and Spring Lawn Clean-Up

Lawn care is a cycle; in the Spring you should prepare your lawn for the Summer and in the Fall you should prepare your lawn for the Winter. Let us relieve some of that burden and handle this regular maintenance for you. The Wapsie Pines Spring Clean-Up service includes cleaning landscape areas, mowing, de-thatching, vacuuming the lawn and hauling away excess debris. The Fall Clean-Up Process includes all the same services except the de-thatching, which is generally only necessary in the Spring. Priced per man-hour.


Wapsie Pines uses a variety of fertilizer techniques to keep your lawn healthy and free of harmful bacteria and diseases. Fertilizing lawn is done consistently over four recommended applications to maintain health and growth.

  • First Fertilizer Application: Generally done in April; includes dry-time release fertilizer plus pre-emergence herbicide to help prevent new crabgrass seed from germinating. (Does not attack existing crabgrass or broadleaf weeds)
  • Second Fertilizer Application: Generally done in late May or June; dry-time release fertilizer
  • Third Fertilizer Application: Generally done in August or September; dry-time release fertilizer
  • Fourth Fertilizer Application: Generally done in October; dry-time release fertilizer with higher potash levels to prepare plants for winter

Weed Control

In addition to promoting healthy lawn growth, proper lawn care requires weed prevention. Wapsie Pines will assess your lawn and recommend the most effective mix of weed control services which include:

  • Spring and Fall Broadleaf Weed Control: a liquid herbicide for dandelions, clovers, creeping charlies, violets and more. Spring application in May or June; Fall application in August or September
  • Grub Control/Prevention: Dry-time release fertilizer with grub prevention that takes place of the second fertilizer application listed above. Grubs can be treated after they invade your lawn but the damage happens so quickly is more cost effective to take preventative measures. New customers – call for estimate.
  • Calcium Lime Application: This is used to help neutralize acid in the soil (soil pH). Please call for more information or to schedule your Spring and Fall applications
  • Gypsum Application: This is used to help soften mineral hard top soils. This is important to do each Spring as it helps combat the damaging effect of ice-melting salts applied to outdoor spaces each Winter. Call today to schedule your Spring and Fall applications
  • Round-Up Application: We’ll apply this standard weed-killer to your sidewalk and flower bed as many times as it takes to control the problem. We generally recommend three applications but you can request as many as you feel necessary.
  • Total Lawn Renovation: We’ll do a complete renovation of your lawn including existing soil removal, soil revitalization and seed or sod. No job is too big or too small.

Organic Fertilizer Options

While all Wapsie Pines fertilizer applications are safe for human exposure, we provide even more environmentally conscious solutions with our Organic Fertilizer options.

  • Environmentally safe fertilizer: Generally applied in June and September
  • Organic Restore Microbial Soil Activator: Environmentally safe soil activator generally applied in June and September. This also can help natural decay of excess thatch commonly found in sod lawns.

Irrigation Services

Irrigation is a method of delivering adequate water to all of your plant life. Sufficient water supply is a vital part of your lawn health and rain or hand-watering may not be effective. Let Wapsie Pines assess your lawn and recommend the solution that will meet your needs.

  • Spring Start Up: We will start your irrigation system and walk through each zone to make sure all heads and valves are functioning properly.
  • Back Flow Preventer Testing: This service is required by Iowa law while performing Spring Start Up service. Our licensed technicians will test your system and fill out the required paper work to be submitted.
  • Mid-Summer Walk Through: We’ll review and assess your irrigation system during the summer to make sure everything is still functioning properly including zones, heads, etc.
  • Repair: Should any damage occur to your irrigation system, call Wapsie Pines to repair it and restore performance. We work with all types of irrigation systems. Our knowledgeable staff can assess and fix any issues that may arise.
  • Fall Blow Out: All systems must be blown out before the ground freezes in the Winter. Wapsie Pines can clean and shut down your system to prepare for colder temperatures. If you sign up with our office, we will contact you at the appropriate time in the fall to set up your Blow Out.
  • Design and Installation: